Goa Culture & Tradition

Goa was the former Portuguese colony and is referred to as Rome of the East. It was inhabited by the Portuguese and was their colony for 450 years. Thus the culture of Goa differs from the rest of the country.

Goan Life and Culture

Though it is a small state on the western coast , people believe in living life to the fullest. Goa has the benefit of being the trade centre as it has an easily accessible port. Thus it is bestowed with the beautiful amalgamation of East and the west. Goans have the vibe of both the worlds. A civilization that sees the blend of Christians, Catholica, Hindus, and Muslims all living in harmony. People are warm and follow their age old traditions. Goa has always had the influence of the west and thus the people are with a contemporary mindset. The rich heritage of Goa is preserved even after rapid industrialization. The locals here celebrate life, livelihood, religious festivals, food, dance, and music. 

Food Culture of Goa

Food and drinks are an integral part of Goan’s culture. Meals are celebrated, fish curry and rice is the staple food here. Apart From fish curry Goa is popular for its fresh caught seafood. prawns, crabs, king fish all marinated in traditional spices are to die for. During the Christmas season beef and pork roasts are a much enjoyed delicacy and are often paired with Goa’s famous brew Feni made with fermented cashew. Other Delightful delicacies are Bebinca and the Khatkhate. 


Konkani is the major language here and all Goans can understand it. Marathi, English and Hindi are also widely spoken. Konkani is derived from the ancient Indo-Aryan civilization. He Christian communities use more of Konkaniwith heavy influence of Portuguese vocabulary. 

Dance and Music

The traditional music styles of Goa are Dulpod and Mando. The Hindu population here enjoys Kirtan, Natak and Bhajan styled music. The traditional dance forms are Fugdi, Dekhni, Dashavtara, Corridinho and few more. Western style singing and dancing is also very popular among the people. Zagor Dance is performed by the Christian Gawdas to explain the origin of the universe. Lamp dance is performed during the Shigmo festival when the lamp is balanced on the head of the dancer. The music is mostly instrumental. 

Konkani Cinema

Goan culture gives importance to arts. Tiatr is a common art form in the genre. Dashavatara and Kalo are popularly performed in theatres. The Konkani cinema has released more than 200 films and iot is of immense cultural importance. 


Goan outfits are widely influenced by the Western culture. The Koli fishermen wear half pants and bright shirts. Tribal communities wear loincloths with thick blankets on their shoulders.


As it is a coastal area fishing is the main occupation. The area is fertile thus farming is also widely done. Paddy, banana, pulses, cashew, mango, coconut, ragi, pineapple, maize and others.