Andhra Pradesh Geography

State: Andhra Pradesh
Capital: Amaravati
Formation Date: November 1, 1956
Latitude: 12° 41' N and 22° N
Longitude: 77° E and 84° 40' E
Area: 160,205 km²
High Court: Nelapadu, Amaravati
Number of Districts: 13
Number of Cities: 31
Population: 49,386,799 (as per census data 2011)
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A Complete Andhra Pradesh’s Geography

Andhra Pradesh lies in the 12.41′ and 19.07.N latitude and 77 and 84.40E’ longitude. Telangana has its north and west border, Chhattisgarh to the north-west and Orissa to the north, the Bay of Bengal to the east, Tamil Nadu lies to its south, and Karnataka to the southwest and west. Andhra Pradesh has a beautiful and long coastline of 974 km, and thus it has the second largest coastline in the country.

Godavari and Krishna are the two major rivers running in the State. A small enclave of 12 sq mi, the Yanam district of Puducherry lies in the Godavari Delta in the north east of the State. The State has the eastern part of the Deccan plateau and a significant portion of the Eastern Ghats, resulting in a diverse climate. 


The climate is hot and humid in lowland coastal regions and semi-arid in parts of Anantapur, Kurnool, and Kadapa. These districts are in the rainshadow area of Western Ghats.

The summers in Andhra Pradesh range from March to May and June, and the moisture level during these months is relatively higher than in the winter months. Moreover, the coastal areas are more humid.

After the summer comes the monsoons, from May or June, and continues till October. There are heavy tropical rains in Andhra Pradesh during these months. The southwest monsoons much determine the State’s weather. The lowest rainfall in the Anantapur region is 311 mm per year, and the highest is in the Visakhapatnam district at 737 mm.

The winters in Andhra are cooler and thus the best season for tourists is from October to February. The winters are mild, with temperatures ranging from 15 degrees C to 36 degrees C. 

Political Boundaries

Andhra can be divided into three regions: Coastal Andhra, Uttarandhra, and Rayalaseema. There are 26 districts in Andhra Pradesh, and each district is further divided into multiple mandalas, and each mandala has several villages.